Georgina Sosa – FGM Specialist Midwife

“What a beautiful story!!! I found some parts provoked tears to my eyes as I could identify with some of the descriptions as a result of the experiences women have shared with me.

A beautifully written portrayal of an unexpected situation where a girl called Katie finds herself and her female relatives at risk of FGM by those she loves and trusts during a summer vacation. The characters are so real and tell the story of so many FGM survivors I have listened to and cared for over the years. This book tackles the entrenched secrecy and sorrow that FGM provokes. FGM has been introduced and described in such an empowering way that from the beginning you feel that whether you are a child, teenager or adult, you have the power to STOP FGM with the right support. This book helps equip readers to eradicate FGM in one generation.”

Georgina Sosa

MSc, BA (Hons), RM, RGN, FGM Specialist Midwife PhD